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Does my homepage have to be index.html?
Posted on 05 December 2003 09:53 AM
Although the home page for your site hosted on FutureQuest® must be index dot something, it does not have to be index dot html. You have a few different options for your home page file name, which are as follows:

Any of the above filenames will work. However, it is important to note that they are all lower-case, as they need to be. Index.html, for example, will not work because the "I" is upper-case. The filename must be all lower-case, for example, index.html.

What if I put all of the above file names into my www directory, which one will show up?

The server will look for an index page, within your www directory, in the same order as they are listed above. First checking for index.shtml and if it's not found, it will proceed to look for index.shtm, and so on and so forth until it finds one. The first index page it finds with regard to the order presented above is the one it will use.

Does this mean I should name my home page index.shtml since the server will look for that first?

No. ONLY use the .shtml extension if you are using Server Side Includes (SSI). Otherwise, for html-only pages, it is recommended that you use the .html or .htm extensions. Using extensions other than .htm or .html when there is no need to will actually slow your site down, not speed it up. The other extensions are telling the server it will need to do other work to the page before it can show it to your visitors. If there is no other work to be done, then there is no reason to wait for the server to look for those types of commands.