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Ping & Trace Route FutureQuest
Posted on 22 November 2003 07:38 AM

Trace your computer from just about anywhere:

To trace your particular FutureQuest® server, simply enter YourServerName.FutureQuest.net into one of the web-based tracert utilities listed below. For example to trace ASTRO, you would enter Astro.FutureQuest.net. To trace DEXTER, you would enter Dexter.FutureQuest.net.

Note: You may enter the Troubleshooting section of your CNC and click on the Ping and Trace Route option to see a ping and traceroute directly from your FutureQuest® server to your PC.

Click Here to run a tracert from over 100 locations around the world to any IP address or web server you wish.

Additional web based tracert locations are contained at: http://www.traceroute.org/

A tutorial on how to interpret the results can be found by clicking here.