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Knowledgebase: Domain Names
How do I transfer an existing domain to the FutureQuest servers?
Posted on 24 October 2003 03:13 PM
If your domain name is already registered, but not residing on the FutureQuest name servers, then you will need to modify your domain's DNS (domain name servers). This process is also sometimes referred to as "transferring your domain".

The information required from FutureQuest, including Technical Contact and Name Servers, can be found at:

Transferring your domain (updating the DNS) from another host to FutureQuest is a relatively painless process that should take little time or effort. This tutorial explains the process while attempting to answer some of the most commonly asked questions concerning the domain transfer procedure.

Step 1: Request a Package
Select a FutureQuest Package and place the order. You will find FutureQuest's various package options, as well as ordering information, at:

Step 2: Prepare for the Transfer
After you have ordered your hosting account from FutureQuest and have received your Activation Letter by email, you should copy your existing web site files to your new FutureQuest account using the temporary access information contained within your Activation Letter. This is also when you should set up any email accounts you had with your old host using the Email Manager in your CNC (Command'n'Control) panel.

We also recommend having the email on your old host forwarded to another email account not associated with your domain name until the transfer has been completed. If your old host does not provide a control panel for you to accomplish this, you may want to request that they do it for you.

The above will help to minimize the risk of lost email and/or web site visitors.

Step 3: Modify the DNS (transfer the DNS)
If your domain name is already registered, but not residing on the FutureQuest Name Servers, then you will need to modify your domain name to show the FutureQuest Name Servers for it to work with your hosting package from FutureQuest. This should be a simple process as most registrars have automated forms to accomplish the task. Begin by visiting the registrar that you used to register the domain name (usually someplace such as Network Solutions, Register.com, GoDaddy.com, Joker, or Dotster) and follow the instructions that they provide.

Below you will find links to help files explaining how to change the DNS records for some of the more popular registrars. If your registrar is not listed, you should be able to search their site for a tutorial on changing the DNS records.

Regardless of which registrar is being used, you will need to change your old DNS records to FutureQuest's Domain Name Servers as shown below:

Once you have completed this with your domain registrar your domain name should point to your new site within 24-96 hours.


Step 4: Cancel Old Account
After you have received all of your email from your previous host, have all of the files you need running on your FutureQuest account, and your domain name resolves to your FutureQuest account, it is time to cancel your account with the previous host. We recommend waiting two weeks before canceling your old account. By keeping your old and new account operational during the transfer there is little risk of losing visitors to your web site, as they will be able to find it during propagation regardless which server they point to during the switch.

That's it! Your site is now on a FutureQuest!