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POP3 Scan Mailbox (Useful Email Utility)
Posted on 21 November 2003 03:38 AM

POP3 Scan Mailbox enables you to connect to a POP3 mail server, display a list of incoming email awaiting delivery, display the contents of selected mail messages, and selectively save or delete any messages, including unwanted or junk mail. Multiple accounts are supported and connections can be automated in such a way that unwanted mail can be deleted automatically based on user-specified criteria.

Compatible with Win 95, 98, NT, and from our own testing, Win 2000 and Vista.
  • To download POP3 Scan Mailbox from the FutureQuest servers:
    Click Here
  • To download POP3 Scan Mailbox from PC World:
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You may need to download and install Microsoft's vb40032.dll:
Available Here

You will need to have the ability to unzip these files.

Once it is downloaded, just unzip the file, smb3201.zip, to a folder of your choice, then navigate to the folder and double click on the 'setup.exe' file. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen. Note: You may also need to "Run as Administrator" under Windows Vista / Windows 7.

After installation is complete, when you launch the program for the first time, it will automatically notify you if the required .dll file is not installed in your system. If it is installed the program will launch, if not you will need to download and install Microsoft's vb40032.dll, which you can obtain here.

If you require the .dll file, download the zip file, unzip it, and then copy the file into your /windows/system folder. On Windows 2000, this should be /WINNT/system32
Once the .dll file is installed simply relaunch the program.

The above image is what the screen that you will be presented with should look like when the program is launched. Click the Configure Now button.

After clicking the Configure Now button you should be presented with a dialog box that looks like the image below.

  1. Enter any name for the account you wish to set up.
  2. Click apply.
  3. Enter the account info. It should look something like:
    POP3 Server: pop.example.com (Replace "example.com" with your own domain name.)
    Login Name: username (Remember to use the VMIP- if your account has a shared IP. Alternatively, you can just use the full email address as the username for accounts on either shared or dedicated IPs.)
    Password: Enter email account password
    Confirm Password: Confirm email account password
  4. Double check to ensure the information you have entered is correct, and then click OK.
The next box that you will see is the actual email interface.

Clicking on Connect will connect to the mail account that you have set up in the configuration and list any email that may be in the POP account at that time. Once you have connected, and there is email in the POP account, they will be listed, including email Size, To, From, and the Subject line. Click on an email to select it and then click the "Delete Selected email" button. Once you have selected all of the email that you wish to delete, click on the Connect/Disconnect button and you will be presented with an action box that requires you to click the "Yes" button to delete the selected email and disconnect from the mail server.

This quick intro to POP3 Scan Mailbox© was designed as a simple "get it up and run with it" type tutorial, however the program has excellent full documentation that can be downloaded in a Word format, and is also able to be viewed using WordPad as well as a PDF format. The Manual.doc contains full instructions and explanations for all of the controls and functions for this program, and is written in a very easy to understand format.

Download the POP3 Scan Mailbox© full documentation:
Special thanks to Mike Mann for allowing us to provide a direct download of his program.