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Knowledgebase: Domain Names
How to prevent visitors from being lost during a host transfer?
Posted on 24 October 2003 03:09 PM
The best way to ease the trials of propagation during a site transfer is to keep your account open with your previous host so that you can place a web page on their server that simply states the domain is being upgraded to a new server (it is generally recommended to keep your old account open for approximately two weeks after initiating a site transfer for this purpose).

On that page, you can provide a link for the visitors to follow so that they may find your new web site. Since it is obvious that the domain name they are used to using is not leading them to the new server yet, be sure that this link is the temporary URL that is provided near the top of your FutureQuest Activation Letter. You will also want to let your visitors know that this URL is temporary and access using your domain name should work once propagation has completed.