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Changing Email Passwords: With and Without the CNC
Posted on 15 November 2003 08:51 PM

FutureQuest offers two simple options for changing POP email account passwords.

1. FutureQuest's CNC Email Manager

The first, and most obvious, is via the account's CNC. The address to your CNC can be found in your Activation Letter or by visiting:

Once you have logged in to the CNC, click to enter the Email Manager. This will take you to a page listing all of your email accounts and aliases. To change the password for a particular email account, click on the email account name (username) and then select the "Change Password" button and follow the instructions from there.

The CNC is the most commonly used tool for changing email account passwords, however to gain access to the CNC you must also know the account's primary username and password. There may be times where you would like email account users to have the ability to change their email account password privately without giving them your account's main username and password to do so.

If you have multiple people that require personal email accounts, but do not require CNC access information, then the second option for changing email account passwords may be for you.

2. FutureQuest's POPpass Package

The POPpass Package provides POP email account users a web-based interface for changing their POP email account passwords without giving them access to the main account's CNC. This interface is provided with the easily installed POPpass CGI script, included in FutureQuest's free POPpass Package.

To learn more about this option, download the POPpass Package, which contains a ready-to-use sample CGI script, template HTML files, and complete documentation.


The documentation in the POPpass Package covers the following topics:

  1. An overview of the example cgi-script with instructions for installation. Although the script is only intended as an example, the script does contain the basic functionality required for managing passwords, and for many site owners it will be suitable for use as-is.

  2. Explanation of the syntax and correct use of the two shell commands used in the script, which allow the verification and resetting of POP passwords. These are the vauthenticate and vpasswd commands.

  3. A detailed, technical explanation of the operation of the cgi-script, so that those who would like to modify or adapt the script, or use it as an example to compose their own scripts, will be able to do so.

Installation is simple and customization is only limited by your own imagination!

To begin using the free POPpass Package,
download one of the following compressed files:

POPpass.zip (win/mac)

POPpass.tar.gz (*nix)