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Accessing your FutureQuest hosted email from Gmail
Posted on 17 April 2020 02:14 PM

Gmail allows you to access mail from other providers from your Gmail account.

To set up accessing your FutureQuest hosted email from Gmail you would need to access your Settings from within Gmail.

Click on Accounts and Import


For accounts you want to use Gmail to access (POP) scroll down to "Check mail from other accounts:  Click on "Add mail account"

Enter the email address for the FutureQuest hosted email account you want to access from Gmail, then click Next.


Then select "Import emails from my other account (POP)" and click Next.


Your username is your full email address.
Password is the password set for that email account
POP Server:  mail.questmail.net  
Port: 995
Check "Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail"
Then click Save Changes

Gmail will attempt to access the email account and if successful will show a confirmation.


To send mail through your FutureQuest account from Gmail:

Again from your Accounts and Import settings screen, scroll down to "Send mail as"

Click on "Add another email address"

Enter the Name you wish associated with this email address

Enter the email address you will be sending mail From:

To determine if you want to use this address as an alias review this Gmail help page: https://support.google.com/a/answer/1710338

Click on "Next Step"


SMTP Server:  mail.questmail.net
Port 465
Username: Full email address
Check "Secured connection using SSL (recommended)"
Then click Save Changes