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CNC Certificate Manager
Posted on 26 September 2016 03:33 PM

CNC Certificate Manager:  A CNC Module that allows you to manage your TLS/SSL Certificate.

The Cerfiticate Manager can be accessed from the Left Navigation Panel of your CNC.  


If your Domain does NOT have a Secure Certificate Installed you will see the following:


If you already have a Secure Certificate installed then you will see details regarding the certificate.

The First Option "View extended certificate information"  will present the details of the currently installed certificate which includes Certificate Details, valid dates, domain information and issuing authority.


The Second Option "Update Let's Encrypt certificate" would allow you to make changes to your Let's Encrypt Certificate, ie... add/remove subdomains. 

Note:  Let's Encrypt Certificates are Automatically Updated 15 days prior to the Certificate Expiration date and there is no need to manually update unless a change is desired.

The Third Option "Update certificate with certificate from a different CA"  This would be used if you are changing your Certificate Issuing Authority, ie...  Oriignally had a Let's Encrypt Certificate and have now obtained a certificate from Thawte or other Issuer, or if you are changing To a Let's Encrypt certificate from Thawte ort another Issuer.  It is also used to install an Updated Certificate from an Issuing Authority other than Let's Encrypt.


Additional Notes:  When obtaining a TLS/SSL Certificate from an Issuing Authority other than Let's Encrypt you will require a CSR which can be created at the below link.