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Automatically Delete Mail from Trash
Posted on 12 November 2015 04:02 PM

Question: I have an IMAP email user that never empties their trash and causes disk space issues.  Is there a server setting to automatically delete mail from the trash after a period of time?

Answer: Yes FutureQuest provides a "Trash Expiry function" from the CNC Email Manager.  This can be enabled on an individual email account basis or as a Package wide setting (Global).

The "Trash Expiry function" allows for the automatic purging of messages that have been placed in your IMAP Trash Folder and provides multiple options as to when mail is deleted.When expiry settings are enabled, the Trash folder is scanned nightly to determine if any messages need to be purged based on the conditions set. The process will always delete the oldest messages first

To enable the "Trash Expiry function" log into your CNC and click on Email Manager.

You can enable the Trash Expiry function as a Global Setting.

Clicking on "Trash Expiry Settings" will take you to the settings page for the "Trash Expiry function"

To enable on an individual email account, click on the username, in this case we are using "lee" and you will see the options for that account.

Clicking on "[edit]" will take you to the settings for the "Trash Expiry function"

The settings available for both Global and individual email accounts are the same:

Note: The message age here is determined based on when the message was first seen in the folder, not when the message was first received.

Maximum Count: is the the maximum number of messages allowed in the Trash folder.

Maximum Age:  is the number of days a message is allowed to remain in the Trash folder before being deleted.

Maximum Size:  is the maximum allowed amount of disk usage consumed by messages in the Trash folder, in kilobytes.

Leave any of the fields blank to not limit that setting. So, if the "Maximum Count" field is left blank, the expiry process will not limit the number of messages in the folder.