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Disk Usage Explorer
Posted on 06 October 2014 05:11 PM

Question:  I received a notice that I was using more disk space than my package allocation, how can I find where the use is?

Answer:  The First Step would be to access your CNC Disk Space Manager which shows an overview of your disk space use, for files as well as email and MySQL.


If the Disk Space Manager indicates the majority of your use is in your Files such as in your Root Directory or the /www then the easiest way to look for large files or possibly a backup directory that has accumulated many files would be the Disk Usage Explorer linked from the top of the Disk Usage Manager in the CNC.

Clicking on Disk Usage Explorer will take you to a detailed view of your disk space usage such as this:

The default view is your Root Directory /big/dom/xexample in an expanded view.

You can expand or collapse any 1 or more directories by clicking on the arrows to the left of each directory listing or All directories from the navigation links at the top of the listings.

The default view is sorted by name however when searching for a disk space issue it is best to select "Sort by Size"

For instance the above view shows 24,128 kb in use in /big/dom/xexample/logs_services to dig down and see what exactly is being used click the arrow to expand the view of /big/dom/xexample/logs_services:

There you can see exactly were the disk space usage is, almost all is in /big/dom/xexample/logs_services/ssh.