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Using FeatureQuest "App Manager" - Example
Posted on 03 October 2013 07:57 PM

Example Installation of WordPress Using FeatureQuest "App Manager"

To access your "App Manager" first you will need to log into your CNC:


There you will see "App Manager" in the left navigation, click on the link.


You will see the following:





















Some Important Points:  Prior to using the FeatureQuest "APP Manager" Your Domain Must be pointed at the FutureQuest network and you must have already Activated MySQL from your CNC MySQL Manager.

Click on

You will then see: 

Click on the Application you want to Install, in this case WordPress:



You will see a very detailed information page about the Application you have selected, it includes helpful links and information you will want to take note of:


The next step is to Click on

Now the Nitty Gritty...   You will need the following information for almost all applications you want to install:

  • Your FTP Username
  • Your FTP Password
  • Your MySQL Host name
  • Your MySQL Username
  • Your MySQL Password
  • The MySQL Database name you want to use

Below is an image of the actual Installer page where the above information is required:


After everything is filled in then just press the Install Button and watch the magic.

After completion you will see a screen with the address for the application you just installed and

any additional installation information needed to complete your application installation.