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Genesis Class Upgrade Information
Posted on 27 December 2012 04:25 PM
Effective February 1, 2011, we began accepting requests for Genesis Class upgrades, which come with automatic disk space increases as noted at:

Along with an increase to the package's disk space allowance, a package on a Genesis Class server enjoys larger file size limits for email, access to FTP logs, access to new CNC modules (including phpMyAdmin!), and the benefits of a superior server environment with increased PHP runtime and memory limits. Best of all, there is no cost for a Genesis Class upgrade and it will not affect your current package pricing!

Note: We are still taking Genesis Class upgrade requests for individual packages at this time, but eventually all legacy servers will be retired and their packages moved en masse to the newer Genesis Class servers. To take advantage of the immediate benefits available with upgrading, we encourage you to do so sooner rather than later.

There are some other differences between legacy and Genesis Class servers that you will want to be aware of and possibly address before upgrading. These are outlined below.

To request a Genesis Class upgrade, please access your CNC Server Info page where you will see "Request upgrade to Genesis class server":
http://www.FutureQuest.net/GoToCNC/ (after you log in to your CNC, click the Server Info link)

(If you are already on a Genesis Class server, your CNC will indicate that next to the Server Name field in the CNC Server Info page. There won't be any action for you to take in that case, so just enjoy!)

Once you submit the request, an email will be generated to the Service Desk. In response, we will send an email to the primary email address on the account with details of the upgrade process. A response to that email will be required in order to confirm the upgrade.

Note: The Genesis Class upgrade process will involve a server move, which will result in some downtime (typically just a few minutes).

***Please Note the following important changes with Genesis Class Upgrades***

1. If you use PHP files with URL includes, such as:
<? include "http://example.com/somefile.html" ?>

You will need to take one of two steps:

#1 Recommended: replace 'include' with 'echo file_get_contents'
as an example:
<? echo file_get_contents("http://example.com/somefile.html"); ?>

#2 Not recommended: .htaccess override,
php_flag allow_url_include On

2. ezmlm Legacy mailing Lists are no longer supported and must be upgraded to ezmlm-idx
from the CNC Mailing Lists Manager

3. Perl version 5.12.x

4. Real Server streaming is no longer available.

5. Some Genesis Class servers are running PHP 5.3, so you will want to ensure that won't be an issue (if you need to remain on PHP 5.2 for now, you will need to specify that in your confirmation, however the upgrade to 5.3 will soon be mandatory):

Please review the above information before requesting a Genesis Class upgrade, so that you will be prepared. The upgrade will normally be completed in 24 to 48 hours once requested and confirmed, and a notice will be sent once complete (note: there can be an additional delay in processing if the confirmation is received on a Friday or Saturday as upgrades are not normally done on weekends).