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FTP logs available?
Posted on 30 July 2012 12:09 AM

How can I view the FTP access logs for my package?


The FTP logs for your FutureQuest hosting package can be found in your account space at:
(where xdomain reflects your actual xdomain)

Once the session ends for the first FTP access for the day, a log file with a name based on the current date (ftp.YYYYMMDD) will be created in the ftp directory. Each FTP session that has completed on that day will be appended to that file up until midnight ET. At approximately 00:30 AM ET, that file will be compressed, zipped, and renamed to ftp.YYYYMMDD.gz. This cycle will continue and upon the next FTP session ending, a new daily file (without .gz) will be created for the current date.
Note: If there is no FTP activity for that date, no log file will be created.

FTP logs that are stored in the ftp directory do not count against your package disk space and are retained for a maximum of 30 days. (It is the site owner's responsibility to download a copy of these logs prior to them being purged from the servers if they wish to retain them.)

Note: FutureQuest maintains full FTP server logs for all servers for security purposes, however individual FTP logs are only available to domains hosted on Genesis Class servers. The Server Info section of your CNC will list the server class for your hosting package. If you find you are not yet on Genesis Class, you can request a No Cost upgrade using the Request Upgrade button on the Server Info page.

*SFTP logs are not available at this time. SFTP is done over SSH, not FTP.