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WordPress - Can I run it on my FutureQuest hosting package?
Posted on 24 July 2012 05:30 AM


I'm interested in using Word Press on my site. Do you allow it? If so, anything special I need to know for installing it?


A number of FutureQuest site owners run WordPress on their sites and installing it can be done from your App Manager in the CNC.

You can also manually in stall WordPress using the 5 minute installation instructions that WordPress provides on their site:

Note: You'll need to activate MySQL for your package if you haven't done so yet. To activate MySQL, visit the "MySQL Manager" in the CNC. Once you have activated MySQL, you will be able to create the database for WordPress and the MySQL Manager screen will provide the information you need for your WordPress configuration file.

If you run into any trouble, please feel free to visit the FutureQuest Community Support Forums where assistance for running third party scripts such as WordPress can be found:

WordPress also provides support forums at: