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Knowledgebase: Secure Email
Secure Email Port Forwarding Using SecureCRT and Eudora
Posted on 08 November 2003 09:29 AM

This is an effort to explain how to use SecureCRT to send and retrieve your email over an encrypted link.

It is assumed that you are already able to make a secure connection to FutureQuest® (or to your ISP if you have your mail forwarded) via SSH. This method was tested via Eudora Pro 4.1, but should work with almost any capable email client.

Start S-CRT.

In the session list, select the connection you want to use with Eudora.

Select edit.

Next to the hostname, select advanced.

Click on the port forwarding tab.

You want to set up two ports.
The first will be 110, which corresponds to your POP server address.
The second will be 25, which is your SMTP server address.

Click save after adding each of these ports.

In your Eudora mail account setup, type for your incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Launch SecureCRT and make the secure connection.

Start Eudora; it will dutifully get and send your new mail securely via Blowfish or the algorithm you've set up in SecureCRT.