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Instant Mail Form Generator
Posted on 06 November 2003 06:41 AM
*Note: The code generated by this form only available for use on a web site that is hosted by FutureQuest®

Answer just 6 simple questions and the CNC will automagically generate the HTML for you to put a form on your site enabling your visitors a way to contact you from their browser!

If you already have the Instant Mail Form Generator code are looking for configuration options Click Here

1. Where would you like to receive the email that is sent via your form?
This MUST be an email address that shares the same domain name as the mail form itself. If the mail form is going to be used on Example.com then the email address must be Something@Example.com

2. What would you like the Subject of the E-mail to be?

3. After the user clicks "send" they will be shown a 'thank you' page.
What would you like the TITLE of that page to be?

4. This page will also contain a link to bring them back to your site
What URL would like it to link to?

5. How would you like this link titled?

6. What information would you like to REQUIRE the user to fill in?
e.g. if they do not they will receive an error message.