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Copy of the zone files or DNS records for my domain?
Posted on 29 April 2011 02:15 AM
FutureQuest does not use BIND so we don't have zone files, however you can dig our name servers for any particular host information you need.

For example, from a Linux bash prompt in a shell session:

$ dig @ns1.FutureQuest.net example.com

$ dig @ns1.FutureQuest.net example.com MX

$ dig @ns1.FutureQuest.net pop.example.com


(where example.com is replaced with your domain name)

The above will pull the information you need from the FutureQuest name servers.

By default, the following records are set up for a Full Package domain here at FutureQuest --

These are all set to point at the domain's assigned IP:

The domain's assigned IP can be found in the Server Info section of the CNC and within QuestAdmin.

MySQL (if activated) is set to the assigned MySQL IP which can be found in the CNC MySQL Manager and within QuestAdmin:

If FutureQuest is hosting email for the domain, the MX record is
set to:

The following MX record is also set up for use with ezmlm(-idx) mailing lists and is set to the FutureQuest server name on which the domain is hosted, such as six.FutureQuest.net, astro.FutureQuest.net, bender.FutureQuest.net, etc (the server name is shown in the Server Info section of the CNC and in QuestAdmin - include .FutureQuest.net after the server name):
(where example.com is replaced with your domain name)

Additionally, if you have subdomains (DS-IR/DS-ER), records for those would be set up as well.

The above is just a brief outline and is subject to change and also may vary depending on the settings that each individual domain may require.

If you are requesting this information because you want to manage the DNS for the domain, then it is highly recommended to use FutureQuest's Shadow DNS entries for things like pop, mail, ftp, mysql, etc as doing so will alleviate any need to make updates to your DNS in the future should your designated IP or assigned MySQL server change. See the following for more information on Shadow DNS:
Can I keep control of my domain's DNS?

Note: The above should serve as a guide, however the account holder, or site manager, needs to determine what DNS settings they require if managing the DNS externally. FutureQuest provides all required DNS settings by default, whether the package uses them or not. If you are having other companies provide email services or other services to your domain, you will need to contact those providers for specific guidance.