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Best times to run cronjobs and other processes?
Posted on 21 June 2009 03:10 PM

I'm setting up a cron job to back up my databases and would like to know the best time to schedule it to run? I know the servers are running system backups and stats during the night and you'd probably like us to schedule our jobs around those times if possible?


Nightly server maintenance, backup routines, and stats processing begin in the early AM hours. The following chart will offer a general guide for the most appropriate times to schedule processing jobs for your site:

All times shown are Eastern Time
Start End Type
Midnight 1:44 AM Run only light jobs in this range
1:45 AM 2:39 AM Avoid running jobs in this window
2:40 AM 2:54 AM Light to medium jobs short in duration
2:55 AM 3:29 AM Avoid running jobs in this window
3:30 AM 4:44 AM Best range to run medium to heavy scripts
4:45 AM 5:59 AM Avoid running jobs in this window
6:00 AM 6:50 AM Light to medium scripts
Remainder of day Light processes only

It is best to ensure that neither the start nor the ending time of the process falls into those time ranges when the server is performing its nightly processes (shown in red above).