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Command line tool for email alias modification?
Posted on 04 January 2008 02:19 PM

Is there a way to add e-mail aliases in batch? I am migrating a previous domain to FutureQuest and have accumulated around 90 to 100 aliases.


You can create new forwarding aliases, change or remove forwarding address(es), and remove the alias completely via the command line.

To use these tools, establish an SSH session to the account here at FutureQuest and then at the command line issue the commands as follows:

1. vaddalias ACCOUNT [ADDRESS ...]

vaddalias creates a new alias named "ACCOUNT" that forwards to the named ADDRESSes. If no addresses are specified on the command line, a blackhole address is created.

2. vchalias ACCOUNT [ADDRESS ...]

vchalias modifies an existing alias named "ACCOUNT" similar to vaddalias above.

3. vdelalias ACCOUNT

vdelalias deletes the forwarding alias named "ACCOUNT".

In all cases, if the forwarding alias manipulation succeeds, the command returns a zero exit code; otherwise it will output a brief error and return a non-zero exit code.

For any additional assistance or questions regarding the use of these tools, please visit the FutureQuest Community Forums: