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Option to "Forward" email not shown for POP account?
Posted on 30 September 2007 09:36 PM

I have a POP email account with 650 messages in it. I would like to forward those messages to my ISP account. Normally I'm able to forward email directly from the CNC Email Manager. However, on this email account, the Forward option is not given. Why?


The CNC Email Manager will not display the Forward link on any email box containing more than 500 messages in an effort to prevent large amounts of email from being sent to external providers. When an external provider sees a large amount of email, especially unfiltered email, coming from one source, they tend to initiate blocks in response. As all email forwarding is done via the FutureQuest MX servers, those blocks have the potential to affect all clients. Additionally, large amounts of email can create undue stress on our mail systems, especially where the receiving network is refusing to accept delivery.

The option to Delete the email is still given on email accounts with more than 500 messages. As long as FutureQuest is still handling your email (i.e., you have not ordered an MX record change*), other possible options include accessing the POP account via QuestMail in order to pare down the number of emails, using a local email client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird to download the email to your computer, or using a utility such as POP3 Scan Mailbox to remove a portion or all of the email messages.

*If you need to forward email due to an MX record change and the email account contains over 500 messages, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.