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Maximum number of recipients per email message?
Posted on 23 August 2007 07:38 AM


I'm trying to send an email to about 125 people and I'm receiving an error message that says "Error: Maximum Number of Recipients Exceeded." Is there a quota on the number of addresses I can send to in a single email?


Yes, there is a limit of 100 recipients per email for anti-spam purposes. The 100 address limit includes all addresses in the TO:, CC:, and BCC: fields. For example, if the message you are trying to send has 50 addresses in the TO field and 50 addresses in the CC field and 1 address in the BCC field, it will be seen as over the limit as the total number of recipients would be 101. Removing at least one email address from any of the fields to reduce the total number of addresses to 100 or less will bring that email message under the maximum recipient limit.

Note: Depending on your email client, messages that are over the limit may either fail to be sent to anyone or may be sent to only 100 of the recipients.

Please note that the mailing list software included with all Full Packages should be used for mailing lists. The Mailing Lists/ezmlm section of the knowledgebase has guides that will help you get started with ezmlm-idx. Using the pre-installed mailing list software (ezmlm/ezmlm-idx) will allow you to send a message to more than 100 recipients at a time (see TOS regarding Mailing Lists).

Note: QuestMail has its own sending limit due to server resource concerns: