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Whitelist Incoming Email From Service@FutureQuest.net
Posted on 07 July 2007 08:20 PM

Due to the increase of unsolicited and unwanted email being sent by spammers, some email providers and spam filters are aggressive in the handling of incoming email. This can result in legitimate and valid email, such as email from FutureQuest, being inadvertently filtered as spam.

The format and content of some FutureQuest email can cause it to be seen as spam, even though the email is perfectly valid and legitimate. One of the triggers with some email providers and filtering systems seems to be the inclusion of some types of URLs. Unfortunately, not including that information within the emails would make it difficult if not impossible for you to work with your FutureQuest account. Also, some providers may filter email if they see it as being from a sender who is "unknown" to you.

In an effort to ensure that you receive important emails such as Activation Letters and support emails from FutureQuest, we recommend taking the following actions:

* Add Service@FutureQuest.net to your whitelist or "safelist"
* Add Service@FutureQuest.net to your email address book or contact list  

The above measures are recommended even if you are currently receiving our emails, as a way to help prevent future problems.

If you find that an email from us is filtered as spam and placed within your bulk, spam, or trash folder, be sure to use the option of marking that email as "not spam" if provided or setting up a filter that overrides that behavior. Doing so will help to ensure that future emails from us are not filtered in the same manner.

As a provider that is strongly anti-spam, we understand the desire to keep spam out of your inbox. We just want to be sure that you are able to receive the email you expect to from FutureQuest.