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Knowledgebase: FTP/SFTP
How do I FTP via my browser?
Posted on 01 April 2007 11:32 PM
Using your browser to FTP can be tricky and it is also insecure. Your success will depend on the FTP support of the browser you are using and correctly determining the particular settings it requires. Browsers tend to be non-standard, using differing address conventions for FTP access and authentication. Along with variations between the browsers (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari), there can be variations between different versions of the same browser.

Here are some address formats you can try if you are wanting to FTP via browser (substitute your domain for example.com):
ftp://username@example.com (Substitute your username. For extra FTP accounts, be sure to use the FULL username including the -xdomain part - refer to the FTP Manager in your CNC.) (Substitute your site's IP -- this can be found under Server Info in the CNC or in QuestAdmin.)

In using Internet Explorer 7, we understand that the path to the directory must be included in the address, such as:

Please note that support or troubleshooting assistance for browser FTP is not provided via the Service Desk due to the complexity of making FTP succeed in a browser.

If you experience issues with browser FTP and are unable to resolve them, then you would be welcome to post in the FutureQuest Community Support Forums to seek assistance. Otherwise, we would recommend using a stand-alone FTP/SFTP client. See What is FTP and how do I use it? for links to some popular FTP/SFTP software choices. In addition, general FTP troubleshooting tips can be found at:

Please note that FutureQuest recommends the use of SFTP instead of FTP, support of which can be found in many current file transfer programs.