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Transferring Package to New Owner
Posted on 26 May 2006 11:16 PM
A formal account transfer process only needs to be performed when a completely different party will be taking over ownership and responsibility for the hosting package/account.

For example, an account ownership change would need to be done in a situation where the domain has been sold to another company or individual and that party will now be responsible for the hosting account.

However, an account transfer is not necessary when the organization remains the same and only the individual contact name/information needs to be updated. In that case, please request the change to the contact name through the Service Desk instead.

If there are only simple administrative changes that need to be made on the account, such as to the email addresses or phone numbers, these can be done in QuestAdmin and do not require an account transfer:

You can find the Account Transfer Request form at:
Be sure to read the explanation at the above link carefully.

Note that when the ownership transfer is completed, a new billing period will start for the owner on that date. (The person effecting the transfer does have the option to transfer any remaining credit to the new account or to retain it on their own account.)

If you have questions about whether a formal transfer is necessary or need assistance in making changes to an account, please just send the details to the Service Desk and we will be happy to help.