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What changes with domain/user name change?
Posted on 08 October 2005 04:43 AM

The following areas will potentially be affected by a change to the domain name on a package:

  • Xdom will usually change to reflect new domain*
  • Account username may change (only if ordered) affecting shell email username as well
  • IR paths will change (does not affect direct browser access to IR domain name)
  • MySQL Hostname will change
  • MySQL username may change (based on xdom)
  • MySQL database prefix may change (based on xdom)
  • Shared SSL address may change (if applicable - based on xdom)
  • ezmlm/idx mailing list addresses will change
  • Extra FTP account prefix may change (based on xdom)
  • Primary email may change (if account specific and old domain is defunct)
  • "Respond" autoresponder domain may change (only applies to legacy accts)
The Activation Letter/Invoice that is emailed to you after the domain and/or username change has been completed will contain more specific information regarding the changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FutureQuest does not modify any account files, scripts, or email filters. Any updates in these areas are the responsibility of the account holder.

Areas you may need to update as a result of a domain/username change include:
  • Paths in your files/filters to reflect the new domain name
  • Paths in your files/filters to reflect the new xdom/username (if changed)
  • MySQL information in scripts, MySQL Hostname (and username if xdom changed)
  • Access information in your software (email, FTP, etc)
  • Forwarding aliases as needed

Be sure to review the list of changes in the Activation Letter and make the appropriate changes.

*Note: If the domain is just changing TLDs, for instance example.com to example.net, there may not be any xdom-related changes.

Additional options regarding changing the Domain name on a package may be viewed here http://Service.FutureQuest.net/kba301

A domain/user name change can be requested through QuestAdmin:

(If you haven't created a QuestAdmin login, you will need to do that first. Just click the Create Login tab from the QuestAdmin link above.)