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New package on same or new account?
Posted on 06 October 2005 07:06 AM

I need to place a new order for a full package and I'm not sure whether I want it under my existing account or under its own new account. Can you describe the benefits of each way? Also, how do I let you know what I want?


It normally makes it easier on everyone involved to have all packages for an account holder set up under a single account. However, there may be instances where that arrangement is not ideal for the account holder's situation.

Reasons for consolidating packages under one account include:

- A single account to manage, with one account number.

- One due date for all Monthly services under your account.

- One invoice for all Monthly services under your account.

- One payment can be made for all packages due.

- All packages managed under one QuestAdmin login.

- Contact information changes only require updating one account.

- Notices are sent to the contact(s) on only one account.

- Reseller discounts only apply to packages/services under the reseller account.

Reasons for having the package on a separate account include:

- Contact information for this account needs to be different than other account.

- Need to have separate QuestAdmin access.

- Require automatic payments to be charged to a different credit card than is used for your other account.

- Lessens possible confusion when payments are submitted by another party.

- Ease in turning the account over to another party after development.

Orders placed through QuestAdmin will automatically be placed under that account:
(If you haven't created a QuestAdmin login, you will need to do that before being able to place orders in QuestAdmin. Just click the Create Login tab from the QuestAdmin link above.)

If you wish to have the package set up under its own account, please place your order through the Order forms:
(In the comments section, please specify that you would like the package set up as a stand-alone account.)