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IMAP available?
Posted on 10 September 2005 04:53 AM
POP accounts set up via the CNC are also able to be accessed by IMAP.

IMAP access to email accounts is available via the web through the QuestMail interface at:

For details about QuestMail, please visit:

You may also access your email accounts via IMAP protocol using the IMAP client of your choice, such as Mulberry, Eudora and others. As well, Mutt is installed on the FutureQuest servers and it is possible to set up Mutt for accessing your account via IMAP (see http://service.FutureQuest.net/kba71).

The settings needed would be:
username: same as your POP username
password: same as your POP password
IMAP server/host name: imap.example.com or pop.example.com (where example.com is replaced with your own domain name)

The standard port for IMAP is 143. IMAP over SSL (IMAPS) uses port 993. (See Secure POP, SMTP, and IMAP access.)

Please note that although FutureQuest makes IMAP protocol available for your use, it is not directly supported via the Service Desk. Should you need support in this area, please contact the support department of your email application or feel welcome to visit the FutureQuest Community Forums located at: