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No referrer URLs report available for stats?
Posted on 30 June 2005 07:01 AM

In viewing my stats, when I click on "All Refers", I get a message box saying "No referrer URLs report available" for last month. The same thing has happened for other months. Can you tell me if there's some setting I need to adjust to fix this, so I can see the referrer list?


There would be nothing you would need to adjust. The site just didn't have enough REFERERs in the log files to build a report. Most of the entries that were logged were self-referential, which are not counted as referers.

You can look at the raw log files to confirm that there is a very low amount of referers:
(where xDOM is replaced with your actual xDOM(domain) and DATE by the particular date of the log file)

See Interpreting Your Raw Log Files for assistance.

Note if your "referrers" are of the following types, they will not be counted:

1) "-" (visitor typed in URL or used a bookmark)
2) "http://www.example.com/....." where example.com" is replaced by your actual domain name and "....." can be any path/url (represents a self-referential link...in other words, the request came from your site)

Only external remote referers are counted.