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Moderation message shows FROM address as reject?
Posted on 28 May 2005 06:45 PM

When I receive a moderation request for my ezmlm-idx mailing list, the message appears to be From the 'reject' email address - I would think it should show as From the 'accept' email address. When I reply to it, it does appear to accept the email. I guess I'm just wondering why the From address shows "reject"?



You are correct that the From: address is shown as the reject address. The accept address is contained in the Reply-To: header. As such, hitting Reply in your email software will normally cause the message to be accepted.

Depending on your email reader, clicking the Reply All button will sometimes show both the accept and reject addresses, allowing you to choose the address you want. In this way, a normal reply by your mail program should cause the message to be accepted, while keeping the rejection address handy as well.

(The moderation email also contains links for each address which you can click on or copy into the To: field of your message.)

More information on the message moderation process can be found within the ezmlm-idx manual at: