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Trailer text not showing?
Posted on 12 May 2005 05:46 AM

I sent two messages to my list and neither included the footer text that I have enabled for the list.

One of the messages was plain text and included a .doc file attachment. The other was HTML.

Why don't I see the trailer text on either of these messages?


Ezmlm-idx supports the addition of trailer text on all single-part text/* type messages. This includes plain text emails as well as single-part "HTML only" messages.

It will also add the trailer text as a separate "part" (or attachment) to many multipart messages--messages that have multiple parts or attachments. It does not, however, add a trailer part to messages in the following formats:

  • multipart/alternative - consists of a plain text and an html part, that are meant to be two alternative presentations of the same information

  • multipart/signed - typically PGP signed messages or other type of encrypted or digitally signed email message

  • multipart/digest** - a message consisting of a series of many parts, such as a mailing list digest

(Most emails that are sent in HTML are actually multipart/alternative, with one plain text part and one HTML part. In this case, as stated above, ezmlm-idx will not add the trailer.)

To clarify, in regards to the message you sent in plain text with the .doc attachment, you should see an additional plain text part that contains the trailer text. If you cannot see the trailer, it sounds like the mail client you're using is failing to show you the final text part of the message.

As to HTML, it is rather problematic to add trailer text to HTML and/or multipart/alternative messages (such as an HTML message with an alternative plain text version) and have it come out correctly.

Very few mailing lists provide the ability to add trailer text to anything other than plain text messages. Nevertheless, we do hope to offer the ability to include a separate footer in HTML message parts in the future. As this will require a major re-write of the ezmlm-send program, it may be quite some time before this feature will be available. In the interim, for possible workarounds, we would suggest inquiring within the Community Forums:

**Note: Trailer text is not added to digest list messages.