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Disk space limitations?
Posted on 02 April 2005 09:42 PM


What are your limits in regard to disk space usage for email accounts, MySQL databases, files, etc? In other words, how much disk space can I use for each aspect of my account?


Each package has an advertised disk space limitation and any storage would count against that total disk space. FutureQuest does not restrict the manner in which you may use the package's available disk space, except in regard to the storage of forbidden or illegal content as addressed in the Terms of Service (TOS):

For example, if you choose to use most of your disk space for email, you would certainly be able to do so. If you choose to use a portion for MySQL and a portion for web files, you can do this as well.

To obtain additional disk space, smaller packages can be upgraded --
How do I change my package to a different one?

Extra disk space is also available for purchase as a Value Added Service (VAS), which can be added to your current package, as long as the total package disk space does not exceed the total limitation noted in the Terms of Service. The VAS option can be especially useful when your extra disk space requirements are more temporary in nature.