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Sending Batch Confirmation Requests
Posted on 03 March 2005 02:12 AM

The ezmlm Batch Confirmation Subscriber Script is used to confirm subscription request of persons who have requested to be added to your mailing list, by way of a method other than the subscription tools provided by the FutureQuest Mailing List Software itself, so that the Confirmed Opt-In requirement of the FutureQuest Terms of Service (TOS) can be met.

It is handy, for example, if there are email addresses on your list that had not been added by a Confirmed Opt-In process and you now wish to send out a confirmation email to those addresses. When using this script, you paste the email addresses of the subscribers into the form. The script then sends a confirmation email to each of these addresses. When the recipient responds to this email, their subscription is confirmed and they are subscribed to the mailing list. If the recipient does not confirm their intent to subscribe by replying as directed in the confirmation email, they will not and should not be added to the list.

The ezmlm Batch Confirmation Subscriber Script and directions for its use can be obtained from these locations:
ConfirmSub.zip or ConfirmSub.tar.gz