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Mailing List Subscription Logs
Posted on 25 February 2005 07:49 AM
If you are using FutureQuest's pre-installed mailing list software (ezmlm-idx), the Log file for the mailing list will show whether a subscriber's email address was added to the list as a result of the subscriber completing ezmlm's Confirmed Opt-in process, or whether the email address was added to the list by an administrator or moderator. The log will also show unsubscribe activities for the list.

The list's log can be found at:
(where xDOM, USER, and LISTNAME are replaced with your actual information).

For instance, if the following were true:
Your domain is: example.com
Your username is: ample
Your list name is: newsletter

then the path to your mailing list Log file would appear as:

The Log file entries are one per line.

An entry with a plus sign (+) indicates a subscribe action was taken for that address.

An entry with minus sign (-) indicates an unsubscribe action was taken for that address.

If either entry includes the word "manual" that indicates the process (subscribe/unsubscribe) was completed manually by an administrator using the CNC or via the command line (SSH).
+manual user@example.com (address was manually added to list)
-manual user@example.com (address was manually removed from list)

If either entry includes the text "mod" that indicates the process (subscribe/unsubscribe) was initiated and completed by a moderator via email.
+mod user@example.net (moderator completed subscribe process via email)
-mod user@example.net (moderator completed unsubscribe process via email)

If the entry does not indicate "manual" or "mod", this means the process was accomplished by the subscriber using ezmlm. In the case of subscribe, the absence of "manual" or "mod" would indicate the subscriber completed ezmlm's built-in Confirmed Opt-in process.
+user@example.com (address added via ezmlm "Confirmed Opt-in")
-user@example.com (address unsubscribed by subscriber via ezmlm)

An entry with "-probe" means the user was unsubscribed as a result of a subscription probe that failed (usually indicating an email address that is not working and is bouncing the emails back to the mailing list).

The dates on which the actions occurred can be determined from the number at the beginning of each line, which is in Unix time format (seconds since the epoch 01-01-1970 00:00:00 GMT). The following link will allow you to easily perform the conversion to determine the time and date. Just enter the number into the textbox and click the "Convert Timestamp" button:

Ex: 1108439323 translates to Monday, February 14, 2005 22:48:43 EST