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Knowledgebase: FTP/SFTP
Read-Only FTP accounts?
Posted on 27 January 2005 04:28 AM

Do you offer the ability to set up Read Only FTP accounts?


Yes. Site Owners with a Full Package from FutureQuest have the option of configuring the available Extra FTP accounts to allow user(s) either Read-Only permissions or to allow them Read-Write permissions. (Side note: You also have the option of assigning Write-Only permissions to your extra FTP accounts.)

When selecting the Read-Only option, users with access to that FTP account may ONLY download files - they cannot upload or overwrite files to the defined directory nor can they create or delete subdirectories.

When Read-Write access is given, users with access to that FTP account can upload, overwrite, and download files, as well as create and delete subdirectories, within the defined directory.

Extra FTP accounts can be set up through the FTP Manager located in the CNC.

Note: Extra FTP accounts support the use of SFTP, which FutureQuest recommends using instead of FTP as it provides security that plain FTP does not provide. The option to choose SFTP instead of FTP is available in many current file transfer programs.