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Disabling directory listing?
Posted on 14 January 2005 11:50 PM

When visiting our website, a listing of the directories contained within the www directory is being shown to visitors. We plan to place all our files in subdirectories (like http://www.example.org/aboutus/). I know we could put a blank index (.htm, .html, .php, etc) file in the www directory to prevent the directory list from being shown, but is there a way we can disable "directory listing" via some global setting instead?


You would be able to disable Directory Indexing (listing) through the Settings section of your CNC. If you don't know the address to your CNC, click the link below:

Under the "Web Site Options" on the CNC's Settings page, simply click in the box next to "Do Not Show Directory Indexes" to select it, and then click the "Save Options" button.