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Merchant Account Information and Application
Posted on 06 January 2005 04:41 AM
Low Cost Merchant Account Solution for Internet/MOTO Merchants!

It is critical for Internet merchants to accept credit cards, as it is the major payment option for online purchases! With the great advances in technology, Internet merchants can allow their customers to purchase goods with the click of a mouse using a payment gateway provider.

Virtual Terminal & Real Time Processing

Gateway Provider - Authorize.net The most popular type of solution is to use a gateway provider. A gateway will allow merchants to handle transactions online in real time or through a virtual terminal on the web. If you have an online store, you can configure it to work with the gateway provider. Your customers would provide their credit card information on the web site and it is processed automatically. If you go this route, you need to be sure your shopping cart or order form will be compatible with the gateway you are set up to use. Examples of such companies are Authorize.net, Verisign, Intellipay, etc. Authorize.net is one of the most popular gateway providers that is literally compatible with almost every shopping cart available!

Another option available with the same service is the virtual terminal. It is a secure web site you can login to manually enter transactions through a form. This is ideal for businesses that will be taking orders through the mail or over the telephone. Even if you do not plan to do any business online, this may be your best choice as gateway providers offer some very useful tools and features with their services. A few of these features may be as follows:

  1. Manually do transactions through the web 24/7.
  2. The ability to review past transactions.
  3. Recurring billing by storing customer's information in a spreadsheet (excel).
  4. The ability to upload numerous transactions at once by utilizing a spreadsheet.
  5. Easily track chargeback notices to their original transaction.
  6. If you ever decide to do business online, the capability will already be there.
Real Time Processing From Gotmerchant.com

Gotmerchant.com provides its online merchants with the Authorize.Net payment gateway. This gateway functions as the cash register of your internet storefront. With an online merchant account, you can sell products 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, to customers worldwide!

Features Included

  1. Real Time Processing

    If you have an online store, you can configure it to work with the payment gateway. Your online ordering processing system (shopping cart, order form, etc.) will collect the customer's credit card information and send it to the payment gateway for processing. This feature is called real time processing. If you plan on using it, you need to be sure the ordering system you are going to use (shopping cart, etc.) is compatible with the gateway provider. Examples of such Internet payment gateways are Authorize.net, Verisign, Intellipay, etc. Authorize.net is one of the most popular gateway providers and is compatible with almost every shopping cart available!

  2. Virtual Terminal

    Another feature available is the virtual terminal service. It is a secure web site you log into and manually enter transactions through an online web form. This is ideal for any orders you want to process manually yourself, such as mail/phone orders.

  3. Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)

    Is a powerful tool that provides you with a reliable and secure way to manage recurring billing. Simply create an ARB “subscription” that includes the customer’s payment information, billing amount, and a specific billing interval and duration. ARB does the rest, automatically generating the subsequent recurring transactions based on the schedule you set.

    - Three methods for creating ARB subscriptions:
    1. Enter subscription information (using a form similar to the virtual terminal)
    2. Create a new subscription based on a previous, successfully transaction
    3. Upload a file containing multiple subscription records (ex: MS Excel)
    - Flexible billing intervals, from weekly to annually and anything in between
    - Create upfront trial periods and pricing
    - Search feature - specifically for locating subscriptions
    - And more!

    There is normally an additional charge for the ARB service.

  4. Manually process transactions online 24/7.
  5. Review past transactions.
  6. Upload numerous transactions at once by utilizing a spreadsheet such as Excel.
  7. Transactions are automatically settled each day
  8. Emails sent daily of the batches that settle automatically.
  9. The ability to use Visa & Mastercard's new security services called Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode respectively.
  10. Online reporting such as viewing transactions, batches, charges, refunds, etc.
  11. Unrestricted number of users with one account - ideal for large sales forces.
  12. Experienced technical support 7 days a week 363 days a year
  13. Easily track chargeback notices to their original transaction.
  14. The capability will be available if you ever open an online store.
  15. Authorize.net is compatible with over 175 different shopping carts!
Merchant Account Check List!

Before deciding on a merchant account provider, you should gather a few things to help the process go smoothly. Listed below is a collection of items that may be required as it will vary from one company to the next. They are listed in order of information most likely needed.

  1. Application, Agreement, Questionnaire Sheet, etc. - be sure to fill out all the requested forms from your merchant account provider.
  2. Checking Account - be sure to have a checking account under your business name unless you will be doing business under your personal name. Most banks will not allow a company to make ACH transfers into/out of your checking account unless the name the provider uses matches with what is on file with the bank.
  3. Copy of Voided Check - to be able to do direct deposit of your funds, they will need a copy of a voided check.
  4. Copy of Driver's License - this is usually required to verify your identity to help against fraud.
  5. Current Processing Statements - most providers will request your last three processing statements if you currently have a merchant account.
  6. Product or Service Information - Provide a list of the products/services you are selling along with pricing. You can have the information displayed & stored on a web site. If not, then attach a separate sheet of paper detailing this information. Merchant providers are required by Visa & MasterCard to have accurate documentation as to what you are selling. If you are using a web site, then you must display your refund and shipping policies.
For complete information on Gotmerchant.com's services, please visit their web site: