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Remove FutureQuest Branding from CNC panel?
Posted on 27 December 2004 09:10 AM
Currently there are three options available to FutureQuest Resellers for the CNC (Command'N'Control) panel on packages under their account:

1) Branded CNC for every package under the account - This is the default.

2) No-Brand Control Panel for ALL of the packages under your Account Number.

3) No-Brand Control Panel for all packages except one package (of your choice) under your Account Number.

To make a request for option number 2 or 3, please send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net from the primary email address on your account and include your account number and your Reseller ID (RID). You will also need to specify your chosen option within the request. For option number 3, you will need to also specify the domain name of the package on which you do not wish to have the No-Brand Control Panel enabled.

After sending the email, simply allow us up to 24 hours to flip the switch for you.