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Knowledgebase: telnet/SSH
WinSCP - Open Source SFTP and SCP Client
Posted on 16 March 2004 04:32 AM
WinSCP, an open source SFTP and SCP client for Windows, allows you to perform all of the basic file operations, such as copying and moving files to and from a remote computer, in a secure and encrypted channel. It also allows you to rename files and folders, create new folders, change properties of files and folders, and create symbolic links and shortcuts.

Using WinSCP, it's possible to connect to a SSH (Secure SHell) server with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) or SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) service. The FutureQuest servers (UNIX) support both SFTP and SCP.

WinSCP also has an integrated text file editor with basic functions, which includes clipboard commands, find, replace, etc. If you choose to, you can use an external editor, such as Notepad instead.

To download WinSCP, visit:

Extensive support for using WinSCP can be found within the WinSCP Forums on SourceForge.net:

WinSCP is offered as a free application, licensed under GPL, however if you find WinSCP useful and wish to donate to its development, you are encouraged to do so by visiting:

The information you will need to configure your session in order to connect to your FutureQuest account can be found within your Activation Letter that was emailed when your account was initially set up. If you cannot locate this information, you may email the Service Desk for assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first time you connect, you will see a "Warning" window stating that the host key is not cached in the registry. To continue with the connection process and add the host key, select 'OK'. The host key is a means to identify that you are connecting to the intended server.

Also, due to the encryption factor, you will probably find that SFTP is slower than FTP. Your mileage may vary. However, most feel the security benefit is worth any trade-off in speed.