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Knowledgebase: Billing & Payments
When is my payment due?
Posted on 27 February 2004 02:41 AM
The first payment is due at the time your Activation Letter is emailed (including services such as extra FTP accounts, IRO/IRMs, and SSL setups). Future payments, where applicable, will either be due on the anniversary date the order was set up or on the same day as the other packages on your account. There are three possible scenarios that define the payment due date.

First Monthly Package:
If this is your first package with FutureQuest for which you have chosen the monthly payment plan, then your first payment will be due on the activation day and each payment thereafter will be due on the same date of each month. So if the hosting package was activated on May 5th, then your payment due date will be the 5th day of each month.

Multiple Monthly Packages:
Your first monthly package will determine your due date each month, as explained above. Each monthly package ordered after the first monthly account will have its first month's fees prorated so that the multiple packages will all reflect the same due date as the first monthly package under that account.

Annual Packages:
All annual packages are due on the day of activation and each year on that same date thereafter. If you had an annual package activated on June 18th, your next due date for that package will be on June 18th the following year, regardless whether or not you have other packages on the account.

You can view the billing information for your FutureQuest account at anytime by using QuestAdmin. More information about QuestAdmin can be found at the link below: