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Knowledgebase: Reseller FAQ
How much of a discount can I receive as a FutureQuest Reseller?
Posted on 22 February 2004 09:49 PM
As a FutureQuest Reseller, you can receive up to a 50% discount for each Pioneer, Prospector, Trailblazer, Voyager, or Odyssey package ordered with your Reseller's ID. You may also qualify to receive a discount on the Visionary package! You will also receive discounts on many other services, such as extra domains, subdomains, SSL setups, etc - even if you are purchasing them for yourself!

Each time you purchase a full package, you will earn points. These points are your path to higher discounts!

For a page that provides details about the points each package is worth, discount levels and the specifics of the FutureQuest Reseller's Advantage program, please visit: