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Switch from Shared to Dedicated IP?
Posted on 31 January 2004 10:52 AM

Our domain is currently assigned a Shared IP. I would like to have a Dedicated IP for my account instead, as I understand new packages do.

How can I get my domain moved to another server with a Dedicated IP address?


To obtain a Dedicated IP does not usually require a server move however it does require a reworking of the account setup. If you would like this account assigned a Dedicated IP, then the following applies:

1) Account would get a Dedicated IP (removes VMIP restriction)
2) Need 2 days to prime the DNS by lowering the TTL to 5 minutes
3) Realize the external DNS propagation could linger for up to a week for the new IP, however this is minimized by procedure #2
4) If a server move is necessary (this is determined solely by FutureQuest), account will be closed down for 1 hour (or less) to perform the account move and re-working (files are included).
5) If #4 applies, email being delivered during that 1 hour may be bounced back to the sender.
6) Cost to do the move is $50.00.
7) You will need to provide the basis for this requirement in the email request for this service.
8) Payment for this must by made upfront via one of the many Online Payment methods provided for at the Payment Desk:

If you are in agreement to the above, then send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net indicating that you wish to have your domain assigned a Dedicated IP in compliance with FAQ #356 (this FAQ).

Once we receive notification of payment we will contact you in regard to the time frame for the IP reassignment.