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Reseller discount / points for pre-existing package?
Posted on 31 January 2004 09:48 AM

If I had accounts with FutureQuest before I received my ID#, will they now be discounted too?


Packages under your account that were ordered prior to you obtaining your RID License, which are on the monthly payment plan, will become discounted once your RID License is active. Accounts on the Annual Payment Plan will not be discounted. This is because the Reseller's Advantage does not apply to packages on the annual payment plan.

For annual packages, it will be up to you to decide if you prefer the full price annual payment plan (along with the renewal credits or specials you may have received for committing to 12 months of service) or if you prefer to switch to the monthly plan to obtain your reseller discounts.

To receive any applicable discounts, *always* remember to include the correct Reseller's ID on every order!