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Private reseller forums?
Posted on 31 January 2004 09:39 AM

I thought I saw something long ago about reseller forums.

Do they still exist?


At one time, FutureQuest did have a private reseller forum. However, after a few months we found that the resellers who did participate in the forums enjoyed the open community ones much more. The result was little to no activity on the private reseller forums but greater educational communication and support on the community forums. In the end, we removed the private forums.

We now enjoy a public forum area dedicated to Resellers & Affiliates:
Resellers & Affiliates Forum

The Resellers & Affiliates forum is intended for discussions concerning how you work with clients that you have resold to, how to resell in general, tips and advice from one reseller to another, and questions concerning anything that may be specific to reselling. All of which can also include affiliates and how they handle their affiliations et al.

Note this forum does not necessarily have to be restricted to the Affiliation and Reselling of FutureQuest Services only. It's provided as a place to discuss the reselling & promotion of hosting as well as other products and services.