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Stats averaging for 12 months?
Posted on 31 January 2004 08:44 AM

Just a note to let you know that when you go to your stats, it gives them to you for a year, even though I've not been using Futurequest but for 9 months. So instead of one of the averages coming out to be 30k, it comes out to be 22k.

Minor, but thought I'd let you know.


This is a known issue in that the stats provide you with a true *year* average of your metrics.

It may be counter intuitive from a usage standpoint, but the actual calculation is 'technically' correct for what is meant to be displayed... It does not know if a couple months with no traffic means that your site was offline for maintenance or whatever so it will not assume any such judgement and calculate on the cold hard fact that 12 months == 1 year

This has also been explained at:

Hope this helps to clarify the behavior.