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Block a specific IP address from my website?
Posted on 31 January 2004 01:29 AM

Another web site is accessing my web site and I want to stop them. Is there a way for you to block a specific web site or IP address from accessing my web site?

If so please block this IP from accessing my web site, 21.6XX.XXX.XX, it appears they are linking my pages and placing them in frames.


FutureQuest has taken a specific stance regarding being asked to block specific IP addresses or URLs at the server level.

***FutureQuest, Inc. will not filter or restrict the accesses to any account unless it endangers the server in overloading.***

There is an Apache Global Block IP Manager (ApacheIPMgr) in your CNC which you can use to add IPs to a global deny list for your domain. Note: This will not affect access to the CNC/SecureCNC, FTP/SFTP, SSH or email services for your domain(s) or to the https areas of your site if you are using a shared certificate. Please see the following link and also the Helpful Hints in your CNC for more details:

There are also some other methods that individual Site Owners may take to attempt to block undesired access attempts.

***Please note that these do require manual additions/modifications to your .htaccess files or additions of custom written scripts and FutureQuest, Inc. cannot be held responsible in the event the additions/modifications cause unwanted side effects.***

Reading the following Community Thread will show some examples of blocking mechanisms that have been put into place by other Site Owners as well as FutureQuest's complete stance on blocking at the server core, from the sysAdmin:

Additional resources may be found at the following links and by searching any search engine for Apache security related articles, of which you will find almost no end: