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CGI wrapper: suexec
Posted on 31 January 2004 01:22 AM

I'm trying to mirror my FQ site on a Linux box running Apache, so I can experiment with changes before uploading to FutureQuest. I notice that on FutureQuest, data files accessed via CGI will read/write with permissions set to 600.

On my system, I need to set 666, unless I declare the file's owner to be "apache". Then 600 works fine. My question is, "On FutureQuest, are data files 'owned' by apache, or are you using some sort of wrapper that lets CGI programs run and access files as their owner? If the latter, what are you using?"


FutureQuest is using the 'suexec' mechanism that Apache offers...

You may want to study the following URL carefully:

Best of luck on your development.