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I disagree with a charge that shows on my credit card!
Posted on 30 January 2004 09:41 AM

I disagree with a FutureQuest charge that shows on my credit card! Should I just initiate a chargeback or are there other options?


When you feel that FutureQuest should refund a credit card payment, it is simple to contact FutureQuest to discuss the charge in question. If FutureQuest is not able to provide a legitimate reason the charge should remain, a refund will be processed within 48 hours.

If you have questions about a charge that appears on your credit card statement, you should always contact FutureQuest first to see if it is valid. Valid refund requests are easily processed; however, chargebacks (disputed charges on your credit card statement) are expensive, time consuming, and unnecessary.

You may contact FutureQuest by email at Service@FutureQuest.net or through the online Service Desk at:

If you initiate a chargeback for any reason, FutureQuest, Inc. will immediately deactivate all accounts associated with the chargeback request and, if able, refund all disputed credit card payments back to the credit card being disputed.

To re-establish the service (which will be required for you to obtain any files that may have been stored within the account), FutureQuest, Inc. will require a secured form of payment in full for the charged-back/refunded amount, plus any current amounts due, plus a $10 reactivation fee per each account deactivated, in addition to a $25 administrative processing fee.

A secured form of payment refers to payments made with additional steps, determined by FutureQuest, that help FutureQuest to ensure the payment is valid.