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Subject of invoice shows the wrong domain name?
Posted on 30 January 2004 09:33 AM

I received my invoice but it shows a different domain name than the one I actually owe for. Shouldn't you be billing me for my other domain and why are you billing me for the one that's already paid for?


The invoice will list what our accounting system believes to be your "Primary Account". Viewing the Transaction History within the body of the invoice will detail specifically what is being charged for, whether it be a single domain or multiple domains.

The system follows a set of rules that usually selects the correct domain name as the primary. However, due to various account changes, additions, or deletions, it isn't 100% accurate. The important thing to look at within your invoice is that the Total Amount Due and the Detailed Transaction History are correct. If you do see an error, by all means let us know.