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Will anything within my account change if I upgrade or downgrade?
Posted on 30 January 2004 09:01 AM

I want to Upgrade/Downgrade my current account at FutureQuest. Will this affect any files? Will I have to set up my account all over again?


When upgrading or downgrading, FutureQuest adjusts the account allowances to match that of the new package and usually no files are affected. However, if the package is downgraded to a package that does not allow for a feature within the existing package, then that area will be removed. For example, if you were to downgrade from a package that included MySQL databases to a package that does not, then the MySQL databases would be removed.

If upgrading/downgrading from a Full Package to one of the smaller options such as an IRM or, vice versa, say an IRM to Full Package please view the following FAQ:
Service interruption when changing packages?