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Change primary email as I no longer have access to it?
Posted on 30 January 2004 08:45 AM


I no longer have access to the current primary email address listed on my account and I need to have the primary email address changed. How can I update it?


If you have created a QuestAdmin login, you can update your primary email address using QuestAdmin. To do so, simply log in to QuestAdmin and click the "Contact Info" tab. From there, click on the Update Primary Email link under "Email Addresses" and you should be able to make the change.

If you have not created a QuestAdmin login and no longer have access to the primary email address listed on your account, you will need to send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net from your Shell email address, username@example.com (where "username" is replaced with your CNC username and "example.com" is replaced by your actual domain name), explaining the problem.

If you do not have an email client configured to access that email account, you can access it using QuestMail by logging in with your full Shell email address and the password for that email account: